Monday, March 28, 2011

Evan {6 months} 03.19.11

Another sweet little guy who made his third visit to me this month - this time for his 6 month pictures! Hard to believe how quickly these little guys grow! Evan is such a cutie with such a fun, happy personality! It's always a pleasure for me to spend time with him and capture that big smile!

Baby W {1 year}, 03.12.11

This was the 3rd time I got to hang out with Mr. W who continues to be just as cute as can be! He was so adorable discovering his Easter eggs and basket - such a joy! Happy 1st birthday buddy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Olivia {1 year}, 01.23.11

Sharing sweet Olivia's 1 year session has been a long time coming! I have no real excuse except that my camera went away for service just after her session and I had a little photography "break." But not to worry, starting back in March, lots more fun sessions to come! Olivia is so sweet and active, very much on the move! That is, until you let her go to town with a cupcake! She didn't even seem to mind getting dirty! Happy (now belated) birthday pretty girl!