Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael {newborn} 06.19.10

This gorgeous family came to me by way of their friends, whose sweet newborn girl I photographed a few weeks ago. They asked me to come photograph their sweet new baby boy, Michael. Scott, Tricia, and big sister Abby were such gracious hosts as I took over their home for a marathon photo sesssion with their new guy! Michael was such a joy to photograph, I just love newborns! Aren't they a great looking bunch? Enjoy your photos guys!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Perry Family, 06.09.10

Ta da! I somehow managed to get the blog all caught up on the "recent" sessions in one afternoon! Yay! The Perry family is an absolutely adorable bunch, and they are even nicer than they are cute. Olive (11 months) is such a joy. We headed to my favorite location - the DU campus - for this shoot, and had the most gorgeous light! The family is getting ready to pick up and move to CA for a new adventure, I'm so glad I got to "shoot" them before they head out! It was completely MY pleasure! :)

Jake {9 months} 06.06.10

Yet another 9 month old boy - Jake, Oliver, and Noah's birthdays are within a couple of weeks, so their sessions are always bunched together! Jake was not that into SITTING in the bowl of cheerios, but as soon as he was next to the bowl with a spoon, he rocked out! He had a ton of fun just banging the bowl and sending cheerios flying all over! He continues to be such as sweet, shy, cutie... and I have a special place in my heart for little finger-soothing boys, since I have one myself! Can't believe the next round with these guys will be for their first birthdays! :)

Oliver {9 months} 06.05.10

Oliver could not be any more fun to spend time with. He is such a sweet, loving little guy! He's the 2nd in my gang of late-July-early-August birthday boys, now 9 months old! We spent time time outside, played inside a little, then broke out the cheerios. I think he was in heaven! All these cheerios, just for me? He may not look happy, but he was definitely enjoying himself chowing down on his very own giant bowl of cereal! :)

Noah {9 months} 05.26.10

Another one of my sweet nephews is 9 months old! Noah barely fit in the bowl, but by golly, we made him squeeze in, little chubbester! I've been wanting to try out this themed shoot for awhile, and finally had a chance a few weeks ago. I couldn't have asked for it to go better! Noah thank you for being the perfect trial subject! And for being such an awesome nephew! :)

Baby James {newborn} 05.21.10

This was a busy week for newborns! One of my "pea" friends was in town for the birth of her grandson, and my photographer friend Farrah and I planned a newborn photo playdate with this sweet little guy. He was seriously the perfect subject! And a big shout out to Farrah for all her hard work with the set up of the various poses and for sharing all of her fun props!

Julia Jill {newborn} 05.20.10

My neighbor's 3rd child, a sweet little angel Julia! I was so excited to have a 2nd newborn girl to photograph in such a short time frame, when I'd never gotten to do anything really girlie before! Julia was so laid back and cooperative for her photos, and isn't she adorable?

The Stetson Family, 05.16.10

Talk about a gorgeous family - my word! This session was purchased as a gift, and I could tell it was a really special one. This fabulous foursome has never had family photos taken together before. And the icing on the cake... Natasha, Justin (12), Bailey (10), and Riley (5) were so much fun to work with! I think we would have had fun even if there weren't some random people walking their pet llamas (or alpaca?) at the park! :)