Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Wall Family

It's been a few years since I spent time with this family, and in that time they added a new family member!  Just like last time, there were a lot of laughs.  These brothers are great... just the right amount of crazy combined with sweet.  I really loved ALL the photos and had to work hard to pick a reasonable number of favorites.  Always a good problem to have!  So nice to see you all again and meet your littlest man!

Tyler, age 5

Thomas, age 2

Crazy cute brothers

The Wall family - Thomas, Jessica, Chris and Tyler

This photo, to me, is magic!

Kinda dying over the cuteness of this one!

Best buds

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Johnson Family

Another beautiful family I love seeing year after year!  These kids are getting so big, it's crazy!  Always nice to see all of you!

The Johnson Family - Brooks, Ladonna, Ryan and Olivia

Beautiful ladies

These two are so cute!

Olivia, age 6

Brooks, age 4

Handsome boys

Loved having the chance to take this headshot for Ladonna, who is on the verge of a major promotion in her Arbonne business.  Get it girl!