Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooper {6 months} 09.18.10

Now that I'm caught up on blogging, I'm trying to stay that way! With that, here's a cute-as-can-be 6 month old named Cooper! I met Cooper when he was 3 months old, and was super excited to get to hang with him again... even though he's a Huskers fan. ;-) He was so much fun and sooooo cooperative for his photos, we were able to try so much fun stuff! And don't you just love those gorgeous big blue eyes? I do! Looking forward to seeing you again for the next set!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Noah Christopher {1 year} 09.03.10

I'm not sure how it happened, because it feels like he was just born yesterday, but my cutie nephew Noah is already 1 year old! He is the 3rd of the 3 boys I photographed over their first years, all born within a few weeks of each other! He's the only one I started with as a newborn though. He's such a sweet, loving, happy guy, and I'm so blessed to be his Auntie! And just for fun, we planned a cute "first year" comparison of Noah... he's grown so much!!!

Kate Rose {3 years} 09.03.10

This was like the miracle session for me! My beautiful niece Kate very rarely wants to sit still for one photo, let alone a whole series of cuteness! I think it was the cupcake. God bless the cupcake. Love you Kater! I can't believe you're 3!!!

Emmett James {newborn} 09.01.10

Another perfectly adorable newborn boy I had the opportunity to play with! And a fun story behind how this family came to me... one of the teens from my youth ministry program (my job before parenthood) follows my facebook photography page and contacted me about doing a session for a her friend who just had a baby... and who happens to live just a couple of miles from me. What a nice couple of people and of course a completely precious little boy that I got to meet as a result! Emmett you are too cute! And thanks again Kate for sending Chris and Kristie my way! :)