Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Martin Family

I love the chance to photograph the people who are most special to me, and this family certainly fits that bill.  My brother Chris, along with his wife Sarah and two kids, Kate and Noah, are some of my favorite people on the planet!  Aren't they all just too cute for words?  Thanks guys for braving the cold with me!  So excited to finally share some favorites from our session!

The Martin Family - Noah, Sarah, Chris & Kate

Kate, age 10

Noah, age 8

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Wall Family

I feel so lucky to have wrapped up my 2017 photo season with a last minute, surprise session with a super fun family.  I love when things come together on short notice - it makes me feel like it was meant to be!  I did not stop smiling the whole time I spent with the Wall family.  Tyler and Tommy are two little clowns.  There is so much fun, silliness and love to be found in this family.  So good to see you all again... looking forward to the next time! 

The Wall Family - Jessica, Tommy, Chris and Tyler

Tyler, age 6

Tommy, age 3

Sweet brothers!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Black Family {extended}

Every year, I come to appreciate the beauty of the extended family session a little more than before!  This session with the Black family is one of the many reasons why!  I have photographed all three of the grown "children" and their families (many times!), and it was just so much fun to have them all together, along with their parents.  I love seeing cousins who love to be together... and their grown ups, too!  This session was especially fun, as we were on the family ranch, and got to play with some of the fun farm equipment just hanging around the property.  Bonus!  Thank you again for trusting me with your family photos, and I hope you all enjoy!  We did so much, it was nearly impossible to share just a few, so here's a little of everything we did!  💚

Grandparents and grandkids


The whole family

Cain and Travis

The Roberts family

The Fischer family

Bailey and Ainsley

Ainsley, age 15

Bailey, age 13

Cain, age 5

Travis, age 3

Wyatt, age 3

William, age 5
William and Wyatt

The Black family

Dad and Mom/Grandpa and Grandma - Kenneth and Sandy

The original Black family

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Martin Family

Okay, I know I'm a little biased because this is my baby brother's family... but aren't they the cutest?!  I had a super fun afternoon getting some updated pictures of this crazy crew... SOOOO much good stuff... I had a hard time picking just a couple of favorites.  We lucked out with a gorgeous October afternoon.  Had to beat off the crowds a little, but I think it worked out okay in the end.  Love this family! 💛

The Martin Family

Avery, age 7

Jameson, 18 months

Carter, age 8

Reed, age 3

Recreating an old favorite photo... + 2 new kids! 💛

The reality of pictures with four brothers!