Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Easter Family, 11.22.09

One might think it's easier to take pictures of your friends and their families, but as time goes by, I'm realizing that while on the one hand it is fun and laid back and easy... it is often even harder than taking pictures of complete strangers! The pressure is on, from my standpoint, to make things PERFECT, and the idea of failing at getting great family pictures for your friends is stressful! For this reason, I was super nervous to take pictures of my best friend Castara and her family, including her mom and brother, and her husband's mom and brother. My biggest group to date, 8 people! But despite my nerves, and Kadin (3) and Ashton (1)'s complete lack of interest in having their picture taken AT ALL, I think we got some great shots for their family! Best part, we had a lot of fun doing it - well, I did at least. I know from experience that family pictures are never for for the parents! :) So without further ado, the Easter and Stroman families!

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