Friday, March 18, 2016

Tristina {newborn} & family

Every now and then the stars totally align and I finish a session feeling like it was just meant to be!  I've known Kate since she was in middle school and I was a new college graduate working in youth ministry at the church her family attended.  I distinctly remember a van ride back from a retreat center after the first ministry event I participated in during my time there, chatting with her sister most of the drive.  I met Kate at some point down the road, and courtesy of the wonders of social media, I was able to reconnect with both of them even after leaving my ministry position and starting my family.  Fast forward to now!  Kate and her husband Doug welcomed their first daughter into the world a few weeks ago.  The Friday night before our session, she sent me a message on Facebook saying she ought to start thinking about newborn photos and asked for my availability.  Long story short, we crazily decided to do them the next morning... especially crazy considering she doesn't really live that close to me!  Still, the three of them arrived ready to go and baby Tristina was just absolutely the perfect model!  I love newborns, and she was just a dream.  Even though it was super last minute and seemed insane, I know these pictures were meant to happen exactly as they did - despite all my rambling, I'm pretty sure they speak for themselves!  Loved photographing baby Tristina, meeting her proud dad, and catching up with her momma after many years!  So hard to pick just a few favorites from our time together.  Thanks again Kate, it was so great to see you and meet your lovely family!  Looking forward to next time!

Tristina, 9 days new

She was so cooperative about this adorable pose!

Precious ballet slippers for the princess's bed, courtesy of her grandma

Sweet baby smiles

Perfectly cuddled with Daddy's childhood Snoopy

The sweet new family!

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